Creating a better future for
children through education
Corporate Social Responsibility

Child Education in India & China

Ensuring Children Have A Right To Education

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Web Synergies undertakes various activities that support child education in India, China and Cambodia.

As developing countries, both India and China are battling with the problem of child labour. These countries are taking steps to ensure that all children achieve their legitimate right to a good education.

An educated child can look forward to a better world, live with dignity and help play a constructive role in building a strong, discrimination-free society.

Web Synergies supports these basic rights for children by sponsoring, funding and actively participating in child education.

The company supports child education. Here are some of the activities we have undertaken to assist this cause.

Assisting orphanage children in Central China

Higher Education: Funds have been provided to ensure that the children in the orphanage can continue with their higher education.

Rebuilding of the orphanage and primary school: Web Synergies donated funds to help rebuild the orphanage and a primary school that were destroyed in the Sichuan earthquake.

Purchasing a van for the orphanage: The van is used to fetch children to a school; a distance of some 10 kilometres from the orphanage. The primary school was affected by the Sichuan earthquake and the local bus company was unable to provide services. We stepped in to provide a solution. The school is located in the Jiuzhaigou scenic area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Supporting children in India

Hyderabad Baptist Church Orphanage: The Company supports various NGOs in India, most notably in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We sponsor child education through ‘Help A Child’ and ‘World Vision.’ In addition, we undertake other activities to support Hyderabad Baptist Church Orphanage.

Our Work in Cambodia

A Free website for the Methodist School of Cambodia: This is a Christian, not-for-profit school in Cambodia which serves the needs of children of all ages, irrespective of their background.

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to support and enhance the communities where our employees and customers work and live. To accomplish this mission, we provide funds and contributions in kind, and actively pursue employee volunteerism with the various NGOs working in child education

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