Using our resources and talents
for the benefit of the community
Web Synergies - Core Values

Ethics & Values

Corporate Objectives

Web Synergies (S) Pte Ltd main corporate objective is to focus on profit ratio rather than pure growth.

We share the philosophy of Dr. Jan Hruska, CEO of Sophos anti-virus software, who stated: "Turnover is vanity. Profit is sanity".

We believe that the latest IT technologies can lead to tremendous productivity gains, improved work quality and of course, sizeable profits. These profits can then be reinvested in people, processes, technology and in community good works.

Core Values

Integrity - Delivering as promised, on time.

Excellence - Striving to give the best to our clients in all that we undertake.

Leading from the front – Being always in touch with cutting-edge trends and opportunities to help clients grow; through the implementation of relevant strategies.

Partnership – Working with the client from start to finish; listening to what they want, encouraging their feedback and providing the services that they need.

Giving - We believe in using whatever financial resources or human talents given by God that we have, to be a blessing for the community.

Partners & Recognition