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The digital economy has created a flood of new technologies. To retain a competitive edge in the market place it has become imperative for the businesses to make significant changes in traditional business practice and adopt the new technologies that best suit their need.

Restructuring business processes reduces costs, eliminates human errors, increases efficiency and generates effective communication, both within the organization and with global stakeholders.

To survive and compete effectively in the market, you need the help of an IT company that understands your business requirements and can work closely with you to devise the most efficient strategy and implement the best solutions.

Web Synergies is a global IT company, with bases in Singapore and India that provides innovative consulting services and solutions to companies.  We help organizations stay ahead of change and achieve long-term success based on business transformation. Our teams design and implement winning strategies for clients by harnessing the power of new technologies and tailoring them to specific business transformation requirements.

Our Service Offer includes Solutions, Services and Consulting


 IT Consulting Singapore, IT Solutions Singapore


We develop industry and business-specific solutions that take advantage of the latest and most appropriate technologies. Our dedicated team of consultants are highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals who are able to offer you the best possible service.  As a company we believe in continually investing in the development and training of our staff.  This ensures that they master new technologies and are aware of global trends; using them to best advantage to meet a client’s specific business needs. Learn more


Let’s face it; IT is now an integral part of any successful business. At Web Synergies, we address any concerns you may have regarding IT by providing end-to-end IT services.  With our help you can align your Information Technology strategy with your principal business objectives.  Through a careful mix of strategy and development, we create solutions that are tailored to your requirement. Learn more


Once you have selected us as your consulting services partner we work closely with you to identify winning strategies, based on your business goals. Our approach ensures that we are in the best position to implement solutions that suit your business purpose. This process is not a one-off; we work with you across the whole project life cycle. Learn more

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