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Why resource outsourcing?

Human resource (HR) is an integral part of an enterprise, responsible for developing and executing its organizational strategy. The HR department is also responsible for carrying out the critical function of recruiting and ensuring the well-being of the employees. The efficient functioning of any organization depends upon it.

Many organizations face the rugged competitive challenges of today by outsourcing their resource requirements. This enables them to tap into a pool of highly skilled staff while reducing their HR administrative costs. They are then free to focus on their core competencies and grow their business without the day to day worries of HR management.

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How can resource outsourcing help my business?

By outsourcing your staff resource requirements, you can:

  • Boost performance by reducing/eliminating non-core HR functions
  • Increase cost competitiveness and eliminate non-value adding activities and hidden costs
  • Focus on a strategic HR overview rather than getting involved in service level agreements, technology staff budgets and staff tracking
  • Achieve a better overall  human resource performance and as a result also improve the pastoral care of your employees
  • Get a higher level of services at lower cost, saving both money and time
  • Receive statutory compliant HR services and processes that are up to date and relevant

Web Synergies offers resource outsourcing and payroll services along with other related solutions to small, mid-size and large enterprises. We deliver high quality, cost-effective and timely resource outsourcing services to our clients.

As part of our resource outsourcing portfolio, we offer:

Payroll Services Singapore
Payroll services
HR Service management Singapore
Service level agreements management
Hiring services Singapore
Hiring services
Ongoing Employment Support
Ongoing employment support
HR  administration Services
Benefits administration
Recruitment services Singapore
Recruitment services
Post-employment services
Post-employment services
Employer Statutory  Singapore
Employer Statutory Compliance

Our resource outsourcing personnel can reduce your HR budget and streamline your HR function and business processes.

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