Digital Commerce Strategy and Solutions

Streamline sales. Optimize applications. Make buying easy for your customers.


Web Synergies can help you better utilize your current B2B sales channels to build up your revenue. From right ordering, right planning and transportation to logistics, our systems automates the business process end to end.


Our B2B solutions are designed to deliver a streamlined buying experience across all industries and at any scale. We design solutions that let you deliver personalized content to your buyers; giving access to inventory availability and order status, while automating your quote-to-cash processes.

Benefits of our B2B solution


Optimize Procurement

Streamlines company`s procurement process with the supplier across the globe.

Integration with ERP

Integrate to your backend ERP systems to make the whole process seamless and improve the overall order fulfillment process

Order Fulfillments

Utilize up-to-date order status, online purchases and product management to ensure cross- and upsell opportunities.

Collaborative Shopping

Enrich shopping experience, create new sales channels, betters ROI and uplifts the market.

CRM Integration

Provides value-added services to enhance sales and productivity; sustain existing customers and attract new ones

Our B2B Clients

Web Synergies App Development Client Fuji Xerox
Web Synergies App Development Client Kisan Khazana
Web Synergies App Development Client Cisco
Web Synergies App Development Client Payday


Web Synergies offer tailor-made B2C Ecommerce Solutions designed for the retail chains stores. We has both the expertise and the experience to deliver what customer needs. We understand online marketplace right from beginning to end including ecommerce design, product management, order fulfillment, secure shopping cart and inventory management.

Our B2C solution features

  • Ecommerce Consulting to understand client`s business objective and customer centric features
  • Accelerate Web enabled application to build, manage and publish context
  • Execute product merchandising, reduce operational cost and commerce functionality
  • Higher Conversions and profitable ROI by ease of delivery and shopping experience
  • Multi-channel experience – Online, socially or on mobile devices
  • Simplified product management and ordering process by integrating ERP or CRM databases
  • Expanded digital instances for greater sales and productivity
  • Integrate web marketing and analytics to track e-transitions

Benefits of our B2C E-commerce solutions

  • We enable you to reach out to a local and global audience and increase your market base
  • Integrate your marketing and other business activities to reduce costs and improve functionality
  • You can offer a greater range of services online
  • Your customers can shop online anytime, from anywhere, 24X7
  • Enables customers to view your e-catalogue and other marketing collateral from their home or office
  • Streamlines your marketing processes to match the highest global standards
  • You have better communication and greater interaction with your customers
  • Create a loyal supplier base by providing them with the necessary tools for engagement and transparency

Our B2C Clients


Inventory Management

Our software tools helps with Demand Management Forecasting, Sales and Operations, Production Planning, Material Requirement and Inventory Reduction.


Why you need Inventory Management?


To keep accurate track of physical inventory, increase your control over portable assets and provide easy access to data for future investment. Reduce your costs for order fulfillment, warehousing, transportation, and material handling.
A good inventory management solution can reduce organizational losses by 50% - 70%. Inventory system helps to maintain account inventory, create customized reports, and improve efficiencies in storage, transportation and logistics.

System benefits and features

  • Automates inventory process with Bar Code & RFID technology
  • Tracks all portable assets with robust  check–in/check-out features
  • Offers comprehensive tracking of assets, date of purchase & sale, accumulated expense account numbers, supplier details and much more
  • Manage all logistics  through the software’s rich functionality
  • Efficiently analyses, reconciles and collaborates data for financial records – giving you complete control over your company’s assets

Our inventory management software also supports

  • Cross docking
  • Order consolidation
  • Bar code scanning
  • Handling-unit management

Our Partners


Success Stories

Here are some case studies that showcase the great impact and results our customers have experienced

Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment was facing a unique problem.

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Digital Commerce Strategy & Solutions

Cold Storage, the first supermarket chain in Singapore to offer its merchandise online way back in 1997 wanted a technology upgrade that would enhance the online buying experience of their customers.

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Digital Commerce Strategy and Solutions

Tripanzee is a travel and social media site for avid travelers who want to share travel experiences through images on the online community. Tripanzee delivers travel solution accessible through their app.

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Far East Organization is the largest private property developer in Singapore. It was founded by Singaporean billionaire Ng Teng Fong in 1960.

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Digital Commerce Strategy and Solutions

Art Friend has been serving fine art & graphic artists, hobbyists and companies in the design sector since 1981.

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Digital Commerce Strategy and Solutions

The Fuji Xerox website visitors complained of a congested browsing experience as well as significant difficulty in placing orders due to the lack of online ordering capabilities.

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Digital Commerce Strategy and Solutions