Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing - is there a clear winner

Digital Marketing versus Traditional Marketing - what’s the difference between them and which is best suited for your business?

Microsoft Power Apps - A revolution in app development

Power Apps, by Microsoft, is a service that enables the building of low or no-code applications that can be run on mobile and web platforms - especially those geared towards businesses and enterprises.

Work smarter through skilled resource and manpower outsourcing

The concept of outsourcing has always existed as a way of doing business, where suppliers, contractors, and intermediaries were put in charge of organizing the production of goods and services. In recent times, outsourcing has increased in scale (the volume of outsourcing) and scope (the number of activities outsourced).

How Singapore is using cutting-edge technology to deal with Covid-19

The year 2020 was the beginning of a new decade filled with promise, optimism and excitement. Just like people around the world had planned vacations, life events, and career growth, technology companies were poised and ready to delve into cutting-edge projects such as the internet of things (IoT), next-generation telecommunication networks.

The Church In The Year 2040 AD

The year 2020 was the beginning of a new decade filled with promise, optimism and excitement. Just like people around the world had planned vacations, life events, and career growth, technology companies were poised and ready to delve into cutting-edge projects.

Changing how organizations learn, grow and innovate - Streamline organizational learning

Do you agree that an organization’s greatest assets are its valuable employees and the skills they bring with them? We certainly think so. And we believe that if an organization wishes to remain dynamic and stay on top of its game consistently, these employees need to be nurtured and trained in a way that benefits them as individuals, while also serving the organization well.

A warm embrace-Microsoft and SAP partner to bring you future-ready cloud migration offerings

Microsoft and SAP have come together as part of SAP's "Project Embrace", aimed at migrating SAP's customers to the public cloud.

AI Big Data-Fishing For Big Insights

At the just concluded IGNITE 2019, Orlando, Florida, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, unveiled the Azure Synapse Analytics. The most advanced big data analytics service that aims to deliver a complete solution to data ingestion, preparation and management.

No More Boring Jobs

Repetitive manual processes slows the pace of business. Things seem to take forever to happen. Making operations inefficient, ineffective and unprofitable, resulting in not only loss of revenue but also triggering client churn.

How Azure is used in Banking and Financial Services

The Banking & Financial Services sector is one of the most rapidly transforming areas in terms of adapting innovative digital solutions that are beneficial to both, banks & financial institutions as well as their customers.

Excel in Digital Age CRM

Today, technology is creating an entirely new social media landscape, changing itself almost every other day. Other important shifts to consider, this transformation is raising customer expectations and making competition aggressive.

Boost Employee Engagement to Drive Big Results with Customers

There seems to be a connection between employee engagement with an organization and how it, in turn, translates to higher profits for companies with better and wide-spread performance scores with statistics to prove it.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation: A Resource Outsourcing Strategy

Staff Augmentation and project sourcing delivery models are used by software development companies to complete their IT staffing needs.

Benefits of ERP: Advantages & Disadvantages

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was first developed to automate and link together various business processes.

Actionable Insights on Your Business's Social Media Data

Social media data gives companies insight into the performance of their marketing campaigns, content, social media performance, which is required especially in today’s digitally driven world.

The Influx of Mobile App Development Powering Digital Media

Tips and advice for your mobile app development, mobile application software and mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows.

Robotic Process Automation: Delivering Major Business Impact for Improving Process Quality

As you know, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), an emerging technology which is another form of business process automation strives to enable and empower organizations to automate tasks across systems and applications.

Benefits of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for Businesses

Getting meaningful insights from hidden data and statistics through analytics which use algorithms to solve data-related business problems is what Machine Learning is all about. Increasingly accurate and adaptive, the ML models are updated as and when new data sets are introduced whereby predictions are more on point.

Finding the Formula for Fostering a Data-driven Culture

Shift to a strictly data-driven culture for an organization is as much about people as it is about technology. This must be laid on the tenets of empowerment, environment, tools, metrics, and processes. The way an organization’s employees think about data must be improved drastically to advance the analytic capability aspirations within the organization.

Why is Gig Economy evolving to be an emerging job market Globally?

The Gig Economy or popularly known as Freelance Economy is growing at a phenomenal rate globally reason being, the employers are focusing on hiring temporary and contract professionals due to job market factors and availability of abundant rich pool talent for their short-term projects.

Slow & Steady Does Not Win The Race

The Aesop fable of the hare and tortoise reminds us that in our daily lives, rushing from start to finish is not necessarily the best course of action.In business however, being slow out of the blocks can be problematic.

Web Synergies At The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012

I had the privilege of attending the Microsoft WPC, 2012 which was held in Toronto. This five day conference, held in the first week of July, made all Microsoft Partners such as us, cheer and be even more excited about the business benefits of the software and services.

Have You’ve Got A Safe Pin Number?

How many of us have chosen pin numbers for ATM‘s confident in the belief that we have picked a combination that will deter even the most determined thief?

A Matter Of Time – How A Good Time Management System Can Benefit Your Enterprise

“A stitch in time” is a very old adage first appearing in print in 1732 and refers to fixing a tear in a piece of material; acting before the hole got any bigger and required more stitching.

The SPAM Challenge

It’s not a statistic to be proud of but a recent report from Sophos found that India is spewing more spam than ever before.

Futuristic ERP Solutions a Shared Vision with Indian ERP Software

Strong business partnerships are one of the key drivers in modern business. They are a mutually beneficial bonding that enhances the client offering.

Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Thoughts On Christmas Music And Merchandise

At this time of year ‘halls’ are being ‘decked with holly’, the lights of Singapore’s Orchard Road have been lit and crowds are scurrying back and forth trying to find those last minute Xmas gifts.

A Christmas Message

We are on the cusp of a new year. Looking back at 2012, there have been victories and also some near misses. Through it all, the company has done well through everyone’s efforts.

Mobile Device Uptake Doesn’t Mean They Read What You Send Them

Here’s an interesting thought – don’t assume that because nearly everyone has, or uses, a mobile device that your email has a greater pick-up rate.

Twittering On, In A Flash (Of Light)

We are a chatty lot! Social media demonstrates a basic human need; the desire to communicate with others.

Meet Christopher from Sales

It’s a well known fact that to succeed in sales you have to be highly motivated, but to call Christopher Jefferson Galistan an ‘action man’ might seem at first, a bit of an over statement.

The Smart Phone Wake Up call

It comes as no surprise to learn that smartphone addiction is a very real thing, albeit a pleasant one for most in the 18-24 year old demographic.

Breaking through the cloudy facts about the Cloud

According to a study by Cisco, by 2015 the Cloud will account for nearly 34% of all data centre traffic in the world. This is no surprise considering that more and more businesses are adopting the Cloud to better their competition

Train To Retain

Corporate training is perceived as a bugbear by some and essential by others. Up-skilling your staff and promoting your own products and services to others should be far more than a “day off” in the eyes of the participants.

9 Web Site Design Trends You Should Know About

Over the past decade the world has increasingly turned to the Internet as its primary source of information and searchers are accessing this information on an array of devices.

Ecommerce tops $1 trillion and counting 19 June

In mid 2011 Paypal made a prediction that the Singapore online shopping market would reach S$4.4 billion by 2015.

Let’s Get Social on the 30th

June the 30th for those that do not know is Social Media Day. The idea was first promoted by Mashable and has since gained a global following with events being staged around the world.

Cricket, Caroms & Careers

This is the second in our series that introduces you to some of our staff who you may know by name, but have not yet met. They are members of our team who make a valuable contribution to our company and also lead active and busy lives outside of work hours.

We’ve Got It Covered

Sara Angeles, writing in Business News Daily, outlines ten tech tasks that small businesses should outsource.

Our Business Customers Will Benefit From New Microsoft Technologies

The Web Synergies CEO Mr Gideon Lim and Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Mr Prabhu Kumar Gade, have recently returned from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference(WPC) in Houston Texas.

When Data And Flying Becomes Really Interesting

The joy of flying and visualisation combine in Contrailz, an interesting project from Russian software engineer Alexey Papulovskiy and his collaborator Nikolay Guryanov.

The Online Habits Of South East Asia

Web Synergies is a regional IT leader with offices in Singapore & India. Our customers will find these digital statistics of value.

We’re Excited, And Here’s Why

Staying in a mock medieval French village resort in the cooling Highlands of Malaysia has much to commend it at this time of year. However the purpose of our Vice President Sales & Marketing’s visit to Colmar Tropicale had a far more serious purpose.

India – A Nation of Video Watchers and Bloggers?

Both Anusha Dandekar and the Dalai Lama feature prominently in India’s Google+ rankings. Much as we like the fact that our own Web Synergies Google+ presence also features in the Top 40 of all India Google+ sites

The Internet Map – Are You On It?

Here is an interesting visualisation of the Internet using the 350,000 largest sites on the web at the time of its release. Alexa was the data source, at the conclusion of 2011 so it is a little dated, but of interest nevertheless.

On the Rocks? What a Shipwreck can teach us

The plight of the ill-fated Costa Concordia (pictured) is by now well known. How someone could navigate as 114,000 ton company asset on to the rocks in a sea of calm is quite mind boggling.

One million Singaporean cybercrime victims in the past twelve months

We are still very trusting when it comes to matters financial but if the recent report from Norton is to be believed, perhaps we shouldn’t be so blasé. They surveyed more than 13,000 online adults aged between 18 and 64, from 24 countries.

We’ve Got An App For That!

Our new product sheet (above) to learn more about Web Synergies mobile application development. Better still share it with a friend. You can download a copy or simply send them this link.

Martian Adventures & Innovation

Those with an eye for innovation will have noted the recent launch of the Indian mission to Mars. While they haven’t got there yet, at time of writing all seems to be progressing nicely.

We Wish You All A Blessed Christmas

Web Ssynergies wishes you blessed Christmas & a very happy &