Maintaining Your Flock – How A Good Church Management System Can Assist


May 24, 2014 11:30 AM

Maintaining Your Flock – How A Good Church Management System Can Assist

While there are some countries in the world where sheep still vastly outnumber the human population, knowledge of this fact reminds us that mustering and maintaining a flock is not without its challenges

The same can be said for the pastoral care and maintenance of a church congregation. There are woeful and cautionary tales of churches whose shoe box of receipts has well and truly outlived its usefulness.

The effectiveness of a ministry can be judged in part by the systems it puts in place to maintain and build its presence and community networks. In today’s connected world a local church will struggle to be a powerful force for gospel outreach and community good without the support of a good management system.

Put simply, it’s all about accountability and good stewardship. Tim Clark writing for Christianity Today said:

“Systems are not life, but systems are necessary to support life. Just like a skeleton does not live on its own but a living body must have a skeleton to exist, administrative systems don’t live on their own, but they are necessary to support the life and vision of the church.”

Web Synergies knows that volunteer congregation involvement and building your community doesn’t happen by chance. Many churches employ full-time staff to oversee this pastoral development and these stalwarts fully appreciate Web Synergies iChurch system. Its functionality is specifically geared to meet the requirements of modern church management.

Here’s some of the things that iChurch can do for your church:

  • Manage your membership and cell members
  • Manage you HR and events
  • General church ministry administration
  • Full facilities booking capability
  • Email and SMS broadcast communications to members
  • Christian course administration

There is a lot more system capability than the above list so to learn more visit the Web Synergies web site and feel free to contact us.