It’s An App-ening World


April 02, 2014 11:30 AM

It’s An App-ening World

Earlier this week I received an email invitation from my friendly tax department and I opened it with the usual trepidation. The content was not as threatening as first feared and contained an invitation to download a tax refund app; in case I was lucky enough to qualify for same.

Alas it was not to be but it did get me thinking just how much mobile apps have come to dominate our way of life. We live in an App World and the proliferation of mobile devices and tablets has contributed to this trend. All of this has happened very rapidly and in just five years, more than a billion people have found these devices essential components of their daily lives. There is no other technology that compare with this mainstream adoption rate over the same period.

As to mobile apps themselves, Gartner reports that within the next three years apps will have been downloaded more than 268 billion times and have generated cumulative revenue of $US77 billion.

As they report “Mobile users will be relaying their personal data streams across nearly 100 mobile apps and services each day. Meaning, app ecosystems will expand beyond simply smartphones and tablets and will soon include robust markets for wearables, connected cars, and automated home appliances.“

They also predict that by 2015, cognizant computing will be a key enabler in smart home solutions and mobile apps are key enablers when it comes to this.

“Cognizant computing takes intelligent actions on behalf of users based on their historical data, preferences and rules,” said Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner. “It can predict user needs and complete tasks without users initiating the action or interfering with the service. It can take the very simplistic format of completing a recurring event such as to turn on the water heater at a preset time, or the more sophisticated format of calling the rescue services and connecting with the doctor when an emergency occurs.”

A second trend has been the move away from using the mobile browser to using apps instead. Users spend 86% of their time on apps when using their iOS or Android devices. That means we only spend 14% our time using our mobile’s browser capability, whereas a year ago 20% of our time was spent doing so.

Mind you, not all apps are as robust as they should be. It may come as a surprise to learn that when it comes to reliability, Android apps have the edge.

Crittercism is a mobile app performance management company and their recent mobile performance benchmark report found that 47% of apps crash more than 1% of the time and 32% have a crash rate over 2%.

The good news for business is that e-commerce apps have the lowest crash rate (0.4%). If you are passionate about gaming the prognosis is not as good as games apps have the highest crash rate - (4.4%). Graphics-rich apps crash the most. But from a business perspective, the cost of downtime from financial transaction apps is more significant, as it has a greater impact on the bottom line.

The Key Takeaway

If your app is not performing it’s losing you money.

In the brave new mobile world your app must have an up-time of more than 99% to succeed.

The Business Answer

Choose a company that can not only produce apps for a wide range of operating systems and devices, but can also demonstrate a history of reliability.

That is why we at Web Synergies offer a complete service and back-up support for any system or app we develop for clients. Visit our web site to learn more and download a copy of our product sheet.

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