Cricket, Caroms & Careers

This is the second in our series that introduces you to some of our staff who you may know by name, but have not yet met. They are members of our team who make a valuable contribution to our company and also lead active and busy lives outside of work hours.

The Internet Map – Are You On It?

Here is an interesting visualisation of the Internet using the 350,000 largest sites on the web at the time of its release. Alexa was the data source, at the conclusion of 2011 so it is a little dated, but of interest nevertheless.

We’ve Got An App For That!

Our new product sheet (above) to learn more about Web Synergies mobile application development. Better still share it with a friend. You can download a copy or simply send them this link.

Maintaining Your Flock – How A Good Church Management System Can Assist

While there are some countries in the world where sheep still vastly outnumber the human population, knowledge of this fact reminds us that mustering and maintaining a flock is not without its challenges.