Mobile Device Uptake Doesn’t Mean They Read What You Send Them

Here’s an interesting thought – don’t assume that because nearly everyone has, or uses, a mobile device that your email has a greater pick-up rate.

Ecommerce tops $1 trillion and counting 19 June

In mid 2011 Paypal made a prediction that the Singapore online shopping market would reach S$4.4 billion by 2015.

Let’s Get Social on the 30th

June the 30th for those that do not know is Social Media Day. The idea was first promoted by Mashable and has since gained a global following with events being staged around the world.

We’re Excited, And Here’s Why

Staying in a mock medieval French village resort in the cooling Highlands of Malaysia has much to commend it at this time of year. However the purpose of our Vice President Sales & Marketing’s visit to Colmar Tropicale had a far more serious purpose.

Martian Adventures & Innovation

Those with an eye for innovation will have noted the recent launch of the Indian mission to Mars. While they haven’t got there yet, at time of writing all seems to be progressing nicely.

Sweat Shop Clicks – A Question Of Ethics

When your company is founded on a good ethical base it makes it easier to exercise restraint when considering the wide range of online, promotional opportunities available.

Change Your Communications With These 11 Statistical Insights

Clients will often ask our advice on the subject of online communications. Nothing really surprising in that as we offer consultancy on a variety of business solutions and online communication platforms.

Maintaining Your Flock – How A Good Church Management System Can Assist

While there are some countries in the world where sheep still vastly outnumber the human population, knowledge of this fact reminds us that mustering and maintaining a flock is not without its challenges.