How Azure is used in Banking and Financial Services

The Banking & Financial Services sector is one of the most rapidly transforming areas in terms of adapting innovative digital solutions that are beneficial to both, banks & financial institutions as well as their customers.

Excel in Digital Age CRM

Today, technology is creating an entirely new social media landscape, changing itself almost every other day. Other important shifts to consider, this transformation is raising customer expectations and making competition aggressive.

Web Synergies At The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012

I had the privilege of attending the Microsoft WPC, 2012 which was held in Toronto. This five day conference, held in the first week of July, made all Microsoft Partners such as us, cheer and be even more excited about the business benefits of the software and services.

We’ve Got It Covered

Sara Angeles, writing in Business News Daily, outlines ten tech tasks that small businesses should outsource.

Our Business Customers Will Benefit From New Microsoft Technologies

The Web Synergies CEO Mr Gideon Lim and Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Mr Prabhu Kumar Gade, have recently returned from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference(WPC) in Houston Texas.

When Data And Flying Becomes Really Interesting

The joy of flying and visualisation combine in Contrailz, an interesting project from Russian software engineer Alexey Papulovskiy and his collaborator Nikolay Guryanov.