Futuristic ERP Solutions a Shared Vision with Indian ERP Software

Strong business partnerships are one of the key drivers in modern business. They are a mutually beneficial bonding that enhances the client offering.

Our Business Customers Will Benefit From New Microsoft Technologies

The Web Synergies CEO Mr Gideon Lim and Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Mr Prabhu Kumar Gade, have recently returned from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference(WPC) in Houston Texas.

We’re Excited, And Here’s Why

Staying in a mock medieval French village resort in the cooling Highlands of Malaysia has much to commend it at this time of year. However the purpose of our Vice President Sales & Marketing’s visit to Colmar Tropicale had a far more serious purpose.

Global Collaboration To Gain Competitive Advantage

News today that Satya Nadella has become Microsoft’s third chief executive. As Microsoft Gold Partners we congratulate him on this elevation in status and look forward to further innovation and transformation from such an important partner.