Twittering On, In A Flash (Of Light)

We are a chatty lot! Social media demonstrates a basic human need; the desire to communicate with others.

The Smart Phone Wake Up call

It comes as no surprise to learn that smartphone addiction is a very real thing, albeit a pleasant one for most in the 18-24 year old demographic.

Let’s Get Social on the 30th

June the 30th for those that do not know is Social Media Day. The idea was first promoted by Mashable and has since gained a global following with events being staged around the world.

The Online Habits Of South East Asia

Web Synergies is a regional IT leader with offices in Singapore & India. Our customers will find these digital statistics of value.

India – A Nation of Video Watchers and Bloggers?

Both Anusha Dandekar and the Dalai Lama feature prominently in India’s Google+ rankings. Much as we like the fact that our own Web Synergies Google+ presence also features in the Top 40 of all India Google+ sites

One million Singaporean cybercrime victims in the past twelve months

We are still very trusting when it comes to matters financial but if the recent report from Norton is to be believed, perhaps we shouldn’t be so blasé. They surveyed more than 13,000 online adults aged between 18 and 64, from 24 countries.

Sweat Shop Clicks – A Question Of Ethics

When your company is founded on a good ethical base it makes it easier to exercise restraint when considering the wide range of online, promotional opportunities available.

Change Your Communications With These 11 Statistical Insights

Clients will often ask our advice on the subject of online communications. Nothing really surprising in that as we offer consultancy on a variety of business solutions and online communication platforms.