Why is Gig Economy evolving to be an emerging job market Globally?

The Gig Economy or popularly known as Freelance Economy is growing at a phenomenal rate globally reason being, the employers are focusing on hiring temporary and contract professionals due to job market factors and availability of abundant rich pool talent for their short-term projects.

Meet Christopher from Sales

It’s a well known fact that to succeed in sales you have to be highly motivated, but to call Christopher Jefferson Galistan an ‘action man’ might seem at first, a bit of an over statement.

Train To Retain

Corporate training is perceived as a bugbear by some and essential by others. Up-skilling your staff and promoting your own products and services to others should be far more than a “day off” in the eyes of the participants.

Cricket, Caroms & Careers

This is the second in our series that introduces you to some of our staff who you may know by name, but have not yet met. They are members of our team who make a valuable contribution to our company and also lead active and busy lives outside of work hours.

Martian Adventures & Innovation

Those with an eye for innovation will have noted the recent launch of the Indian mission to Mars. While they haven’t got there yet, at time of writing all seems to be progressing nicely.