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Delegates from Singapore Business Federation visited Web Synergies

September 17, 2019, Sanali Info Park, Hyderabad - As part of the Singapore Business Federation's Mission Trip to South India, senior delegates from 16 Singapore based companies met with us to understand and discuss the nuances of the Indian business ecosystem. The esteemed delegates represented some of Asia's leading companies across sectors such as - Information Technology, Education, Accounting, Digital Services, Construction, Engineering, Agriculture, Banking, and others.

The congregation was a powerhouse of great minds and vast experience, which resulted in a highly productive interactive experience for all parties involved. We feel deeply honored to have been able to play host to them during a part of their mission trip, and wish them all the success in their endeavor.

Delegates from elite Singapore companies who have visited Web Synergies India :

SBF delegates visit to India
SBF delegates visit to India
Singapore Business Federation visit to Web Synergies India
Singapore Business Federation delegates visit to Web Synergies Hyderabad
Delegates of Singapore Business Federation