Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) is a trusted name in the offshore marine industry.



About the client


Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) is a trusted name in the offshore marine industry. Established since 1975, we are a leading service provider to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a global presence. The drivers for a new platform that meets the corporate governance manual (CGM) standards were the gaps and inconsistencies of current processes

The Solution


Solution that manages the risk, information integrity and single ‘source of truth’ for compliance is designed with access control and transparency. Process standardisation helps to reduce fire-fighting and automation increased the productivity.



SharePoint Online, existing Intranet platform, was chosen for implementing the solution. Easy to user interface was designed to help business to update policy and process documents efficiently. Workflow and notifications helped to streamline the process. SharePoint security groups and access control were the base framework.

Staging development site was created for the development team to set up and customize the codes for the new website. Rigorous testing underway to ensure that the portal is working as intended, and all touchpoints are addressed and attended to.

Technologies used


Business Results

  • Offer clear business operating standards and procedures
  • Manage risks (identify, assess, mitigate, control)
  • Track business progress, service level agreements, KPIs
  • Increase compliance and consequence management (Just Culture).